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Process NMR Associates - Pricing Schedule                               Effective August 2016

Standard Rates are Charged for Spectrometer Time and Professional Time

We will Competitively Discount any Quote Obtained from a Commercial NMR Service !
Typical Turnaround Time: 2-4 Days from Receipt of Samples. Same Day Priority Turnaround Available on Demand *

Sample Submission Form - Follow this link for details on how to submit a sample.


NMR Spectrometer Time
(includes spectrometer set up and routine sample prep).

  • Standard Rate : $80/hr (For First 4 hours), $35/hr for additional hours over 4 hours (Overnight $450, 24 Hour Acquisitions $750).
  • Priority Service*: $160/hr for immediate priority. Charge based directly on time to prepare samples, perform analysis and report.
  • Benchtop FT-NMR and Time-Domain Relaxometer Investigations: $80/hr
  • Time-Domain NMR Tests - Charged on a per test basis - call for quote.
  • Professional Time for Interpretation and Non-Standard NMR Related Services: $185 /hr.
* Subject to availability - please inquire

NMR - Individual Experiments:

  • Standard 1H Analysis : $56 * (No analysis/interpretation of data/assuming sample not limited (>2 mg))
  • Standard 13C Analysis : $256 * (No analysis/interpretation of data/assuming sample is not limited (>300 mg))
  • Quantitative 13C NMR : $350-450* (High S/N acquired).
  • Detailed 13C Analysis with average molecule parameters calculated: $450*
  • Standard 1H-13C DEPT : $80* (No analysis/interpretation of data)
  • Multidimensional experiments charged for actual spectrometer time. Overnight Acquisitions - $450  24 Hour Acquisitions $750).
  • ASTM F2259 Alginate Analysis - $350 
  • Phospholipid Analysis - Krill Oil, Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatidylserine - $350 per sample
  • ASTM D7171 - Hydrogen Content of Middle Distillate Fuels by Pulsed NMR - $100 set up fee, $50 per sample
  • Aloe Vera Analysis - ID Only = $155, Powder Samples =  $175  Liquid Samples $250 (includes freeze drying)
  • Multinuclear and sample-limited experiments will be performed for a length of time that is agreed upon in advance.
  • Beer, Wine, Cider - Alocoholic Beverage Analysis - Detailed quantitative fingerprint - Call for Details
  • NMR Identity Testing for REACH Registration - Call for Quote
  • NMR Tests Performed - Call for Quote
* Includes NMR Tube and Standard Deuterated Solvents
See Additional Charges that May be Levied Depending on Project Listed Below.

Consulting and Interpretation Fees:

  • Consulting fees are charged at a rate of $250/hr or $1450/day, plus usual/customary expenses.
  • (Initial discussions concerning a potential project are not considered consulting time).
  • Expert Witness $375/hr.
  • Professional Time Associated with NMR Technical Support of Litigation $300/hr

Low Resolution (TD) NMR Service:

  • T2, CPMG, Inverse Laplace Transformations, T2 Distributions, T1, T1 Distributions - $60 per sample
  • ASTM D7171 - $50 (all batches of samples will be charged a $100 set-up and calibration fee).
  • Temperature Profiles - $150 Per Sample

Other Analytical Techniques - FT-IR

  • FTIR-ATR:  $25

Additional charges:

  • Non-Standard Solvents - customer will be charged at cost for solvents other than CDCl3, DMSO-D6, or D2O.
  • Sample Tubes - Customer will be charged at cost for non-standard NMR tubes.
  • Sample Disposal - Customer will be charged at cost for this service. Typically $5 per sample for disposal.
  • Sample Return involves transportation to, and shipment by, a Certified HazMat Shipping Company - cost charged to customer.
  • Report Mailing - Customer will be charged at cost for expense of mailing reports by next-day mailing service.
  • Sample Pick-Up - Samples can be picked up within a 30 mile radius of Danbury at a rate of $40/hr driving time**

Benchtop and Process NMR Application Development

Process NMR Acquisition and Chemometric Modeling of Process Stream Sample Sets Available at Rates Negotiated Under an Application Development Agreement (Petrochemical, Refining, Food, Pharmaceutical Applications).

Liquid-State NMR Experiments    2 x Varian Mercury-300 Spectrometers

  • Varian 5mm 4-Nucleus Probe (1H/13C/19F/31P-2H)
  • 2 x Varian 5mm Broad Band Probe with PFG (1H-X-2H)
  • Varian 10mm Broad Band Probe (1H-X-2H)
  • Nalorac 20 mm Broad Band Probe (1H-X-2H)
  • Standard Acquisition, 1H-1H COSY, 1H-13C DEPT, 1H-13C HETCOR, Relaxation Studies, Multinuclear (27Al, 17O, 11B, 19F, 31P, 23Na, 2H, 29Si etc)

Solid or Liquid-State NMR Experiments    Varian UnityPlus-200 Spectrometer

  • Doty Scientific Multinuclear 7mm Supersonic Magic Angle Spinning Solids Probe (13C, 27Al, 11B, 19F, 31P, 23Na, 2H, 29Si etc)
  • Varian 5mm Broad Band Liquids Probe (1H-X-2H)
  • Single Pulse Acquisition, Cross Polarization (Variable Amplitude), CP Relaxation Studies, T1/T2 Relaxation Studies

Benchtop and Process NMR Analysis (At-Line, Batch, and On-Line)
Benchtop NMR Spectrometers (6)

  • 2 x Aspect Imaging  60.3 MHz High-resolution NMR
  • Multivariate Analysis of Spectral Databases (NMR, NIR, and FTIR) - Eignevector Research Solo 6.5 and PLS-Toolbox for Matlab
  • Multivariate Analysis of Spectral Databases - Infometrix Pirouette and Thermo Grams AI with PLS/IQ

Time-Domain NMR Analysis (H-Content, SFC Analysis, Oil in Seeds, Oil in Water, Moisture Analysis)    

  • SpinTrack NMR Low Resolution NMR - Multinuclear (1H, 19F, 11B, 23Na, 31P, 27Al) 10 mm Probes, 1H Surface Probes. Standard Methods Performed.
  • Cosa Xentaur Spin Pulse TD-NMR - 10, 20, and 40 mm sample size magnet/probe systems - interchangeable spectrometers

Gas Chromatography - Simulated Distillation

  • Shimadzu GC-2010 - Simulated Distillation Analyzer

  • Smiths Detection IdentifyIR ATR - Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy on Solid or Liquid Samples

Other Analytical Equipment

  • Karl-Fisher Moisture Analyzer
  • Convection Oven
  • 0.1 mg Analytical Balance
  • Micro-ESR Spectrometer
  • UV-Vis Spectrometer
  • Virtis Benchtop Freeze Dryer
  • pH Meters/Centrifuge
  • Digital Hydrometer
  • Digital Refractometer
Sample Submission - Follow this link for details on how to submit a sample.

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