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Analytical NMR Services: We Provide Liquid and Solid-State NMR Services for Industry and Academia, We Offer Routine Analysis as well as Tailored Studies,Projects Covered Span Industrial Sectors, Reasonable Rates, Data Interpreted,Reports and Spectra Provided in Electronic Format,Telephone 203-744-5905Analytical Services offered by Process NMR

We will competitively discount any quote from a competing commercial NMR service.
Interested in outsourcing routine NMR analysis? We can provide rapid turnaround outsourced NMR analysis that will allow your facility to concentrate on strategic development projects.

Same Day Turnaround of 1H NMR Analysis Can be Performed Upon Request.

We operate an analytical NMR facility that utilizes:
  • 300 MHz - Two Varian Mercury NMR spectrometers for Multinuclear Liquid-State NMR Analysis
  • 200 MHz Varian UnityPlus NMR Spectrometer with Doty Scientific 7mm Supersonic CP-MAS Probe for Multinuclear Solids-State NMR Analysis
  • 60,23,20,18,14 MHz NMR Spectrometers with 5,10,18,20,40 mm Sample Size for Time-Domain NMR Analysis
  • High Resolution 60 MHz NMR Spectrometers for Process Control and Benchtop NMR - Qualion and Aspect-Italia
  • Shimadzu 2010: Simulated Distillation GC for Process Analytical Method Development
  • GC for Edible and Essential Oil Analysis
  • FTIR-ATR: for IR Analysis and Process Analytical Method Development
  • Cosa-Xentaur Moisture Measurement Devices - Karl Fischer
  • Micro-ESR Spectrometer
  • Virtis Benchtop Freeze Dryer for Enhanced NMR Analysis of Low Concentration Aqueous Solutions
  • HPLC Analysis and Method Development
Contact us to discuss the feasibility and plausible outcome of any NMR experiments that you wish to perform.
E-Mail Contact : John Edwards
Phone Contact : +1 (203) 744-5905

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