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We Provide Analytical NMR Services, Standard NMR Test Methods, Custom Automated NMR Application Software, Process Analytical Technology Expertise, Process NMR Solutions, NMR and NIR Chemometric Modeling

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Talk to Us about Process NMR Analysis and Automation! Engineering Solutions for Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, and Refinery Process Optimization and Control.

Established in 1997 Process NMR Associates, LLC ("PNA") is an NMR services and consulting company dedicated to developing process NMR applications for online and at-line process NMR products as well as providing analytical NMR testing services to industry and academia. The markets currently targeted for process NMR development are the refining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Process NMR Associates comprises two Ph.D. chemists with a combined experience of over 50 years in the NMR field applied specifically to the refining and petrochemical industries but with analytical service experience across all industry sectors including nitritional supplements, pharmaceutical, energy, biomass conversion, specialty polymers, consumer goods, etc.

Previous to the formation of PNA both parties were employed in the Texaco Fuels and Lubricants Department at Beacon, New York. In their time at Texaco they were responsible for corporate wide support of NMR, process analytical, and organic spectroscopy.

The analytical NMR testing service business has over 300 industrial and academic customers across all industry sectors.

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Dr. John Edwards of Process NMR Associates
John Edwards with an On-Line Process NMR Unit - 2001

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