Process NMR

Time Domain Process NMR Spectrometers - Bench Top and On-Line Relaxometers

There are several NMR analyzers on the market, including our SpinTrack NMR, that use an entirely different approach to some of the more simplistic on-line NMR applications. These spectrometers are very different from the process NMR system or superconducting NMR spectrometers, in that they do not produce an chemical information. The process NMR is a fully shimmed 60 MHz high resolution FT-NMR spectrometer that yields high resolution 1H NMR spectra which contain detailed chemical information that can be correlated with changes in chemical and physical properties. The other type of process NMR equipment is a low resolution time domain spectrometer that consists of a 1-30 MHz NMR system tied to an un-shimmed magnet. Only time-domain data is acquired and relaxation time constants are calculated or correlated to physical properties or mixed phase content of mixtures.

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