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Solid-state NMR analyses cover a wide range of applications that cannot be addressed by liquid-state experiments. In solid-state NMR samples are place in 7mm diameter spinning rotors and spun at high speeds (3-14 kHz) in order to allow acquisition of NMR spectra with sufficient resolution to allow chemical determinations to be made. An excellent overview of solid-state NMR is presented by Prof. Robert Schurko. Our solid-state NMR equipment comprises of a Varian UnityPlus-200 spectrometer equipped for liquids (broad band probes) and solids (Doty Scientific 7mm supersonic probe). In particular this configuration is advantageous for performing solid-state 13C NMR analysis where the chemical shift anisotropy at 4.7 Tesla is small enough to be effectively averaged and magic angle spinning sidebands pushed outside the 13C chemical shift range so that they do allow proper quantitation of aromatic and aliphatic carbons.

In the following pages we will give several examples of applications that have been undertaken by PNA. We have a large amount of experience in the solid-state NMR area. Some of the topics below cannot be exemplified due to restrictions placed on the analyses. Where this is the case I have included a link to a document that adequately demonstrates the use of NMR in that area.

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