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Facilities and Equipment

Our facilities at Process NMR Associates are located at 87A Sand Pit Rd, Danbury, CT 06810.

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Liquid-State NMR Equipment:

Process NMR Associates (PNA) owns and operates two Varian Mercury-300 superconducting NMR spectrometers. The computer system comprise of Sun Blade workstations operating with VNMR 6.1C. All computers are locally networked to the PNA intranet. The spectrometer probes comprise of a Varian 5 mm 4-nucleus probe which is a dual band probe simultaneously tuned to 1H/19F and 31P/13C and a broad band 5mm probe with PFG. Other Varian 5mm broadband probes are available, along with Varian broadband 10mm probe for 13C and low sensitivity experiments, as well as a Nalorac 20 mm probe for short 13C experimental times. Full variable temperature capabilities are also available. For a listing of possible applications see the liquid-state NMR applications page.

Solid-State NMR Equipment: PNA also operates asolid-state Varian UnityPlus-200 NMR spectrometer. The solid-state NMR probe is a 7mm Doty Scientific Supersonic CP/MAS probe capable of observing any NMR active nucleus (excluding low gyromagnetic ratio nuclei), using either single pulse, multi-pulse, or cross- polarization in conjunction with magic angle spinning (at rates up to 13 kHz). For a listing of possible applications see the solid-state NMR applications page. A Varian 5mm broadband probe is also available if liquid-state NMR is required at this lower field. Solid-state NMR applications.   


Mercury MVX-300-PFG NMR System                                                                         Mercury-300 NMR system

Our NMR systems all utilize the Varian "R2D2" magnet - take a look inside one of these magnets - Deconstruction

NMR spectrometer workstations - most analysis and reporting is now performed with Mestrelab MNova software

Benchtop Permanent Magnet NMR Systems

We also house a lab containing a variety of benchtop NMR systems that are lent to us for application development purposes. If you have a particular benchtop NMR system and are interested in application automation of chemometric correlation development contact us for further details.

Process NMR Equipment:

Process NMR Associates also operates several 60 MHz high-resolution process NMR units for chemometric model or laboratory application development and feasibility testing.

60 MHz HR- NMR and 20 MHz TD-NMR

Permanent Magnet NMR Systems Lab - Process NMR Associates - 60 MHz HR-NMR and 20 MHz TD-NMR

Time-Domain NMR Spectrometers at 14, 16, 19.5, 20 and 25 MHz

Process NMR Associates operates a total of 3 TD-NMR spectrometers. We also operate a 10 mm Portable Spin Track TD-NMR spectrometer from resonance Systems Ltd. The Spin Track NMR also has multi frequency ability from 2 to 60 MHz and also operates an NMR surface sensor. We also operate a Cosa-Xentaur Spin-Pulse TD-NMR spectrometer at 15 MHz (40 mm sample dimension), 18 MHz (20 mm sample dimension), and 23 MHz (10 mm sample dimension).

Other Analytical Equipment - Mid-IR ATR and Simulated Distillation GC System:

  • FTIR-ATR: Smiths Detection IdentifyIR - PNA is under contract with Cosa-Xentaur to develop chemometric applications for the Smiths Detection FTIR-ATR platform
  • Simulated Distillation GC: Shimadzu GC-2010
  • Micro-ESR Spectrometer
  • Petrometrix NIR Spectrometer
  • Karl-Fischer Moisture Analyzer

General Laboratory Equipment:

Process NMR Associates is equipped with various peripheral lab equipment to facilitate the safe and effective preparation of NMR samples in 5mm and 10 mm NMR tubes. These facilities include explosion proof refrigerator and oven, a ductless fume hood, various sample prep equipment for NMR. We have a Virtis benchtop freeze dryer for observation of low concentration components after reconsitution in D2O.

NMR and Chemistry Related Library and Software:

Process NMR Associates has developed a 100+ volume NMR library containing most published NMR books and references. We also have several 1H, 13C and 31P assignment libraries for structural elucidation studies. The Sadtler C-Search software is available on the Varian-300 spectrometer, ACD H-NMR is available on PC. We have a rather extensive collection of chemistry, petroleum and petrochemical related volumes as well as an entire set ASTM standards and practices. We use Mnova 10.0, Acorn Nuts, Spinworks, and MestreC as post-processing software when necessary.

Chemometrics Software:

Process NMR Associates uses the following chemometrics packages for method development:
  • Grams with PLS/IQ - Galactic Industries
  • Pirouette - Infometrix
  • Matlab with Chemometric Toolbox from Eigenvector Research
  • Eigenvector Research Solo 6.5

For more details of our capabilities contact John Edwards, Tel: +1 (203) 744-5905
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