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Analytical Liquid-State NMR Experiments are performed on our two Varian Mercury-300 superconducting NMR spectrometers operating at 7.2 Tesla. More on Liquid-State Applications.

Standard NMR Method Testing - ASTM, ISO, USP, AOAC and Others - More on Methods Performed

Solid-State NMR Analysis is performed on a Varian UnityPlus-200 spectrometer equipped with a Doty Scientific 7mm Supersonic CP-MAS probe.  More on Solid-State NMR Analysis

60 MHz Process NMR applications - developed on our Aspect Imaging AI-60 NMR Systems                               More on 60 MHz NMR applications   -  Comparison of 60 MHz NMR Data to 300 MHz NMR Data                 See Blog for 300/80/60/43 MHz Comparisons

Time Domain NMR Experiments are performed on the versatile Spinpulse TD-NMR spectrometer which is utilized in the operation of three permanent magnet/probe combinations (18 mm/20 MHz, 10 mm/23 MHz, 20 mm/18.5 MHz, 40 mm/14.5 MHz. This analyzer supports all standard NMR routines such as AOCS Cd 16b-93, AOCS Cd 16-81, ISO 8292, IUPAC 2.150, ASTM D7171, and creative scientific research.
More on Time-Domain NMR Applications

Chemometrics (PLS, PCR, PCA or MLR) has been applied to NMR data to obtain predictive models that can predict parameters of interest for process control in the refining, oil exploration, chemical, and food industries.
More on Chemometrics Applications

SpinMetrix - Custom Software Development for Automated NMR Applications and Data Visualization - Covering all NMR technology platforms (JEOL,Bruker,Agilent,Aspect,Thermo,Oxford,Nanalysis,Magritek,HTS-110). Third party NMR software script development and database building - More on Spinmetrix

FTIR-ATR - Chemometric approaches to analysis of petroleum products and foods have been developed on our FTIR-ATR platform.

Micro-ESR Experiments

GC-SimDis Experiments, GC Analysis

Official NMR Test Methods Performed

Process NMR Associates - NMR Analysis Blog

For more information on all applications available please contact John Edwards or call (203) 744-5905.
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