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1H NMR Analysis of Hard Apple Cider

There have been quite a lot of NMR studies centered around apple cider (non-alcoholic) and apple cider vinegar. However a search of the literature turns up no reference for NMR analysis of hard apple cider. This effort was undertaken to analyse the alcohol content of the ciders and to determine the malic and acetic acid content. Ciders were produced by Dr Tim McMahon of Orange Community College, NY....for his own consumption.

Below are the NMR spectra obtained by regular 1H acquisition and with BINOM solvent suppression.
Data was obtained on our Varian 300 MHz spectrometer. Samples were prepared by degassing followed by addition of 1 drop of D2O as lock solvent.

In contrast - here is a spectrum obtained on a commercial hard pear cider. The taste was noticeably sweeter than the home made cider.
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